Szonja Kádár, Melinda Sipos (Budapest, Hungary)
Gina Haraszti (Montreal, Canada)

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Gina Haraszti

Gina is a visual artist, interested primarily in motion picture. Her research topic focuses on the experimental aspects and cultural contexts of new technologies. In the last couple of years she has been working in different media with regard to experimental or/and interactive motion pictures, visual communication and locative media. She is passionate about creating experimental projects with cross-disciplinary teams.


Szonja Kádár

Szonja has majored in industrial design, after a year spent with studies also in Eindhoven. She is attracted by new challenges in work, enjoys learning new things, discovering different fields every day. The 'DIY' attitude is near her. Hímes is a good example to her to witness a "thing" becoming a "product" that has lifecycle, and then to play a role in running it.


Melinda Sipos

My educational background consists of two years at esthetic department, graduation at department of glass design and a post-graduation course in new media design. There I found something i would call experimental and phenomena's design.

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