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What is Hímes?

Hímes is a customized USB-key designed by the researchers of KiBu, originally for 100%Design Tokyo 2008, design festival and market.
Hímes is small, girly, tricky and wicked! It has a memory of 1 GB, and you can wear it anywhere... as different accessories.

For who?

According to polls, mainly girls go shopping in Japan. During the design procedure we kept our eyes on the feminine aspects. Hímes, besides hiding a flash drive inside, functions as an earring, or also it can be a keyring, or a strap attached to a mobile phone.

The design

The main advance of Hímes is its weight and size. There is a super slim flash drive inside, and so the whole size is less than 37 mm. Of course, it fits to any normal, usual USB port.
The case is shaped and patterned after the traditional Easter egg in Hungary. Thanks to the Hungarian-like folk patterns, Hímes is a modern and stylish accessory. Its material is matte plastic.

The name

The word hímes is pronounced 'heemesh', and is the synonym for Easter egg in Hungarian.
As an attribute, it means: ornamented, painted, pretty, broidered - all together.

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